Lora Sew Along Day 5 - Steps 36 -39

Welcome back to the last and final day of the Lora Sewalong. Today is pretty simple and by the end of today you will have finished your dress.

Step 36 - Line up the center fronts of the dress so that the right side (when wearing) overlaps the button shield. The button loops will extend onto the left side of the dress (when wearing).

Mark the button placement by inserting a temporary marking tool through the loop. Make sure your marking is placed as far into the loop as possible to create tension on the loop which ends up being about 1/4"-3/8" into the left side of the dress. 

Sew the buttons on.

We suggest shank buttons for the Lora dress. If you choose to use a regular flat back button, check out our blog post for how to add a shank to it.

Step 37 - In preparation for hemming, try on your dress to check the length. We will be hemming the dress by 1 1/2". Trim if necessary. 

Fold the bottom raw edge of the main dress up by 1/4", wrong sides touching. Press.

Pull the facing away from the main dress and clip the seam allowances that extend out past the angled raw edge. 

With the right side facing up, bring the two corners to meet, right sides touching. Pin.

Stitch using the normal 1/2" seam allowance. Your stitching line should intersect the seam where the main dress meets the facing. 

Step 38 - Trim the corner and seam allowances to reduce bulk. Press the seam allowances open.

Turn the corner right side out. Use a point turning to get a sharp angle. Turning the corner will fold the facing back in along its seam and will turn the hem up by an additional 1 1/4". 

Continue to fold up the entire hem by 1 1/4". Press and pin the hem and facing in place.

Step 39 - Line the right side and left sides up along the center front seam. Make a small marking with a pin or marking tool at the base of the button shield.

Next, sew down the facings and hem in one continuous line of stitching. Starting at the center front edge, stitch out to the edge of the facing (about 1 1/8") and pivot. Stitch straight down to meet the mitered corner, pivot, and continue along the entire hem just inside the folded edge (at about 1 1/8"). Once you have reached the other side, finish sewing down the facing like you did the first, ending at the center front edge.

Give you dress a final press and you are done!

I hope you found this sewalong helpful and that you love your finished Lora dress. Please to be sure to tag us on instagram @truebias and use the hashtag #truebiaslora so we can see your version of the dress.