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How to Add a Thread Shank to a Flat Back Button

The Lora dress calls for twelve shank buttons for the center front closure. I know it can be harder to find shank buttons than the standard flat back buttons. If you want to use a standard flat back button for your Lora you can, you just need to add a thread shank to the back to leave room for the button loop. It's pretty easy and I am going to show you how.

First, make sure that you have marked your button placement along the left side (when wearing) of the dress. I mark this by laying the right over the left, lining everything up, and putting a marking tool inside the loop. You need to create tension on the loop for proper placement, making the marking about 1/4" in from the center front.

You will need to gather a few tools including your 3/8" flat back buttons, matching thread, a hand sewing needle, and some kind of spacer for the button. Lots of people use a toothpick, but I couldn't find one, so I am using a leather needle which is about the the same size and thickness of a toothpick.

Start by threading your hand sewing needle with double or quadruple thread and knotting the end. This will make it stronger and mean you have to pass through the button less times. 

Enter dress from the back at the point of your button placement marking, securing the thread with your knot at the backside.

Thread your needle through both holes of your button on the right side. Keep the tension light at this time. Enter back down to the back side of the dress through your marking. Once again, keep the tension light for now.

Take your spacer (toothpick or thick needle in my case) and place it under the button and above the dress so that it is threaded between the stitches on both holes of the button.

Make a few more passes from the wrong side of your dress, up to the right side, through both holes of your button, and back down to the wrong side. Keep the spacer in the entire time.

End with your thread and needle on the right side of the dress at the side of the button. Take out the spacer. Wrap the thread around the loose thread at the underside of the button two or three times. 

Wrap your thread around the button again loosely creating a loop. Pass the needle through the loop to secure the thread. 

Pass the needle one last time back through the marking to the wrong side of the dress and knot the thread to secure. Clip any long tails.

That is it. Continue for the other buttons.