Lora Sew Along Day 1 - Steps 1-4

Welcome to the first day of the Lora Sewalong. I can't wait to get started. We have lots of support for the Lora dress that we have already posted. Be sure to check out the last couple weeks of posts if you want to learn more about fitting adjustments, fabric recommendations, notions etc...

I am sewing two dresses for my daughter for this sewalong. I will be sewing up View A in a beautiful peach floral cotton batik fabric. I will also be sewing up View B in a light purple/gray rayon crepe. You will notice that I used a pink cotton lawn for all of my lining pieces. This is partly because I want the visuals to be clear for this sewalong. Also, I really like using a lightweight cotton fabric for my linings when using a less stable fabric like the rayon crepe I am using. It helps give a bit more structure to the finished dress.

Being an intermediate pattern we are starting our sewalong by jumping right into sewing. If you still need to cut out our your pattern and fabric, go do that and come back ready to sew.

The seam allowance for the Lora is 1/2". There are a few times where this will differ, but I will make sure to let you know when it does.

OK, let's get sewing.

Step 1 - Before starting, make sure that you have transferred all dots, notches, and markings from your pattern pieces to your fabric. 

You can use any marking tool you like, but I usually just use a fine tip washable crayola marker. I like to use a color that is similar to the fabric I am using so it is subtle. I've never had any issues with the crayola not washing out, but you may want to test your fabric first.

Fuse interfacing to the wrong side of each of the following pattern pieces: Button Shield, Front Facing, Front Bodice, Back Bodice, Front Bodice Lining, and Back Bodice Lining

If you are using the same fabric for the lining as your are the main dress, mark the lining pieces with a pin or piece of tape to differentiate them. 

Note that the front bodice lining pieces are slightly smaller than the front bodice pieces along the center front angled neckline. 

Step 2 - Sew darts on the front skirt by folding the dart markings with the right sides together and aligning the dart legs as marked. Ensure the dart point (apex) is on the fold. Pin to secure.

Stitch along the dart leg to the point, reducing the stitch length to 1.0 mm within 1/2" of the point. 

Do not backstitch. Leave the thread tails in a secure knot, and trim. 

Repeat for the back darts.

Press dart excess toward the center front and center back.

Step 3 - Staystitch the top edge of the front skirt and back skirt at 3/8" from the top raw edge. This will keep your skirt from stretching out through assembly.

Step 4 - With the right sides touching, pin the front skirt to the back skirt at the side seams, matching notches. Stitch. 

Finish the seam allowances in your desired manner. I am using my serger to finish the seams.

Press open or toward the back skirt.

Set the skirt aside for now. 

That is all for today. A pretty simple first day. Tomorrow we will come back and dive into sewing the bodice.