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Lora Sew Along Day 3 - Steps 15-20

Welcome back for the third day of the Lora Sewalong.

Today's sewalong is all about Views A and C (spaghetti strap views). If you are sewing up one of the sleeved views, skip today and come back tomorrow,

Step 15 - Prepare each strap by folding them in half lengthwise, right sides touching. Sew the strap 1/2" from the folded edge, creating a 1/2" strap.

Trim the seam allowances to 1/16".

Turn the straps right side out in the same manner as the button loops. I used my loop turner, but you could also easily jus use a safety pin since these are wider than your button loops. Press flat. 

For more help turning the straps, check out our How to Turn a Skinny Fabric Tube blog post here

Step 16 - With the main dress laid out flat and right side up, pin the ends of the strap at the upper edges of the front and back bodice with the right sides touching. Make sure the straps are not twisted and baste at 1/2". Or you can use a glue stick like me to baste the straps in place.

Step 17 - Lay the lining/facing on top of the main dress, right sides touching. Pin, matching the notches, dots, and seams. The upper angled neckline of the main bodice is slightly longer than the bodice lining so you will need to ease it when stitching.

Stitch along the center front and bodice edges, pivoting at the corners and center front dots. Note that the button shield, button loops, and straps are sandwiched in the middle of the main dress and facing/lining. 

TIP: You may want to baste in areas where the straps and bodice meet so you can try the dress on and adjust the length. 

Step 18 - Trim corners, notch curved areas, and grade seam allowances where necessary. How bulky your fabric is will determine how much grading you want to do. The seam allowances along the center front help stabilize the button loops and buttons in later steps. 

Step 19 - Turn the facing and lining right side out, pulling lightly on the straps and manipulating the corners to get nice points. 

To help the lining and facings stay neatly tucked to the inside of the dress, press the lining and facings away from the main dress and over the seam allowances.

Understitch where possible.

I start at the bottom edge of the front facing and understitch to within 1" of the front neckline dot. Do the same thing for the front necklines, underarms, and back neckline. Continue down the other side of the front facing in the same manner. Make sure that the button loops and button shield stay pressed towards the main dress during the process. 

Step 20 - Press well.

This is a good time to try on your Lora dress and check the fit. It will be hard to adjust the straps and side seams once the bodice lining is closed up. 

Pin the bottom folded edge of the lining along the inside seam where the bodice meets the skirt. Be very precise in placement. Or, you can use a glue stick like me.

You can finish this in two ways. For a more high end finish, handstitch the lining to the main dress. I will use this method on the sleeved view that I sew tomorrow.

Or, you may choose to create a line of edgestitching from the right side of the dress, 1/16" inside of the bodice, carefully catching the lining in the stitchline underneath. This is the method I will be using for this dress.

And we are finished for today. Tomorrow we will be working on the sleeved views of the Lora dress. If you are sewing up the spaghetti strap view, skip tomorrow and come back on day 5 of the sewalong to finish up your dress.