Zoey Sewalong Day 4 - Strap Method #2, Side Seams, and Hem

Welcome back for the fourth and final day of the Zoey Sewalong. We will be starting with Option 2 of the strap and sideseam construction. At this point you should already have your Zoey looking like the image below, with each strap attached to the front and back with one seam (if not, go back to the beginning of day 3 to catch up).


 Open the Strap / Band along the middle fold line and turn it away from the main garment, making sure the seam allowances and top 3/8" fold are all pressed towards the band.

With right sides touching, pin Front to Back at the side seams, matching up the band seams and folds as well as the bottoms of the Front and Back.

Starting at the top of the Band, baste the side seams and try on to check fit Adjust as necessary. Serge or sew with a stretch stitch in a 3/8" seam allowance. Press seam allowances open or towards the back.

Fold the Band/Strap back down along the middle fold line, placing the lower folded edge slightly past the seam line, stretching to fit, just like you did for the neckbands.

Pin or fuse in place.

Continue your fold across the length of the Band/Strap piece between the middle notches, creating the strap that connects the Front to the Back.

Because you are doing this in the round, it may feel a bit awkward. I find that using a pressing ham really helps.

Once all pressed and pinned it should look like the image below.

Using a stretch stitch, edgestitch the Band/Strap along the inside edge to secure, beginning at side seam, and stitching around the entire circumference. Be sure to catch the folded underside edge of the Strap as you sew. Once stitched, use the steam setting on your iron to press and reshape the Band/Strap as needed.

Now that the strap and side seam is finished we will continue with the hem which applies to all views and options.


Fold up the bottom of the top or dress by 5/8", wrong sides touching, and press. Pin or fuse in place.

Using a zigzag stitch for Views A and B  (width of 3.0mm and length of 3.0mm) and a stretch stitch for View C, topstitch at 1/2" from folded edge to secure.

That is it! Your Zoey is finished. I recommend giving it a last pressing and trim any threads. I hope you found the Zoey sewalong helpful.