My middie skirt was a trial run for this maxi skirt. I did make a few changes which I put below.

Pattern: None, I made this by cutting 2 rectangles and gathering them. The width of the fabric was 45" but I cut it down to 30" at the top and then tapered it to the full width at the bottom.

Textiles Used: green silk for outer and polyester lining. I got it all from Vogue Fabrics.

The Good: I love it. I love the color the silk fabric. I have been wanting a woven maxi for awhile and am really excited to wear it.

The Bad : It's a little hard to walk in especially when the wind is blowing. I am still figuring out how to accessorize it. I think I need a statement necklace or something.

Conclusion: Love the skirt and can't wait to wear it. I am still figuring out if maxi's are just for spring/fall or if I can get away with them in the summer too. I think I may be maxied out at the moment, but am glad that I made this.

PS I am entering this in to the patternreview natural fabrics contest. Cross your fingers for me.