So it's certainly getting harder and harder to find outfits that I want to wear without repeating any outfits from earlier in the month. I really wish that I had made some new knit tops or something so that I didn't feel like I needed to dress up in a skirt almost everyday. Oh well. I know for next time I guess. It's close enough to see the finish line!

sewn item : black mission maxi dress

sewn item : revised jenny skirt (never blogged)

so this day is a bit of a stretch. It was just one of those days when I felt fat and just didn't want to wear a skirt. So I put on this top and cutoffs. The top I added the stripes with freezer paper and fabric paint. It is usually more of a bedtime shirt, but today it saw the light of day.

sewn item : another revised jenny skirt - this time in a dark jean. never blogged.

sewn item : anthro knock-off shirt. Never blogged, but I used the same method as this top.