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May is over which means that MeMadeMay is also over. I have to admit a bit of relief that I can just put on a tshirt and jeans today, but I will also say that I learned a lot.

There has been a lot of talk in the sewing/blogging community about making more cake and less frosting. MeMadeMay has certainly made me very aware of how much frosting I have in my sewing life. Next time that I participate in MeMadeMay I need to make some more casual items like jersey tshirts and pants. Still, I am really glad that I wore so many of the things that I have made on a day to day basis instead of just to special events. It was great.

Here are my last few days of MeMadeMay. You have already seen some of these :

Sewn Item : Orange Middie Skirt

Sewn Item : Heart Woven Scout Tee

Sewn Item : Mission Maxi dress worn as skirt

Sewn item : Green Silk Maxi Skirt