Page x Hudson Dip Dyed

Gabriela of Chalk and Notch and I did our Page x Hudson collaboration again this year. If you want to see our other collabs, check them out here and here.

This year I decided to do a dip dyed sweatsuit after seeing one in ready-to-wear. I  decided to do the  dying after sewing up the sweats, which was admittedly quite  unnerving, but it worked out in the end.

For the Hudson pants I sewed up the long version and used my high rise hack which you can find here.

For the Page Hoodie I sewed up the cropped version and omitted the hoodie portion - using the free crew neckband download for that.

Now that the Page and Hudsons are all sewn up, I was ready to prep them for dying. I folded each of them in half, placing a few pins in the section that would stay undyed.

Then I decided where I wanted the dying line to end. To give me a visual for this when dipping it, I applied some painters tape a couple of inches above where I wanted line to end.

Now for the fun (and scary) part, dying.

I filled two buckets with hot water and added salt. Then I split the dye between the two buckets.

I slowly and carefully lowered the Page in one bucket and the Hudsons in the other, only submerging the portion I wanted dyed. I bobbed them about an inch up and down to keep the line from becoming too harsh.

After a few minutes I clipped the undyed sections to the edge of the buckets and left them in the dye bath for about 20 min.

Then I carefully removed them, trying hard not to splash any dye on the undyed sections, and rinsed, washed and dried them.

And that is it! Here is the finished dip dyed Page x Hudson sweatsuit that I will be living in over the holidays.