"Zikko" Dress Hack

The idea for this dress came to me when I saw something very similar advertised to me fer Zara. I immediately realized it was the Nikko top with the Zoey bottom (or Zikko as we have been calling it) and that I HAD to recreate it for myself. It was actually a really easy hack and I love how it turned out. Now that I love this one so much, I think I need to make another one, but sleeveless, for spring.

If you want to make one for yourself, start by assembling your Nikko pattern. The only change you need to make to your Nikko pattern pieces is to add a 3/8" seam allowance to the front and back to make the center front and center back seams that the Zoey already has.

Now grab your Zoey dress pattern pieces. You can cut off the top of each pattern piece along the waist lengthen / shorten line.

Starting with the front Nikko and Zoey pattern pieces, line them up along the center front lines. Now connect the two patterns at the waistline. I was OK with more ease in the hips of the dress, so I connected the Nikko to the Zoey at the closest size. I found that a size 8 Nikko connected closest with the size 10 Zoey, so I went with that. If you prefer you could grade the hip down.

The back is a tiny bit for complicated because the Zoey has as a curve back waistline that adds a pretty little sway back on a long dress. I wanted to include that in this dress so I lined up the side seam in the same way that I did the for the front of the dress and then I connected the Zoey to the Nikko gradually along the center back seam, about 5 inches above the waistline. I know this is a bit confusing, but if you check out the pink line below, it should make more sense.

And now you just need to cut out your fabric and sew it up. The only thing a bit different than the original pattern instructions is to sew up the center front and center back seams first.

That is it. Super easy hack and I love my resulting Zikko dress. I've been wearing it with knee high boots and a belt. Can't wait to make up another one.