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Ogden Squared Neck Hack

Today I am sharing out second hack as part of Ogden month. And, it's probably our simplest Ogden hack ever. I am going to show you how to change the neckline to be a high square neck instead of the V neck that comes with the pattern.

First grab your pattern pieces. You are also going to want some scissors, tape and a ruler. Take your Front pattern piece and simply adjust the neckline so that it extends straight out from the top of the strap and then goes straight down at center front. It will make a right angle. That is it. Do the same thing for you Back and both Lining pattern pieces.

This is optional, but I decided that I wanted a more cropped look for this tank to mirror the neckline shape. To start I took 3 inches off of the bottom (although I later took another 2 inches after sewing it up and trying it on).

I also took a bit of the flare out of the waistline since it wouldn't need to flare out for my hips due to being cropped.

Here are what the pattern pieces looked like once cut out.

Now to start sewing! The pattern sews up almost exactly the same as the V neck, except that you are sewing straight across at the neckline instead of a V. 

I  went ahead and staystitched the entire neckline. This probably isn't completely necessary since the new neckline is not on a bias, but I decided to be cautious.

Then I followed the Ogden instructions to sew up side seams and finish the lining.

The straps are inserted the same way and in the same spot as the V neck Ogden. 

All that is left is the hems. I would try it on at this point to make sure it is level and that it is the length you prefer. 

Then hem according to the Ogden instructions.

That is it! I love my new cropped, square neckline, Ogden top. It pairs perfectly with the high rise of my Lander shorts here. I think a linen one would be great next.