Mave Sewalong Day 3 - Waistband

Welcome back for day 3 of the Mave Sewalong. Today we are going to sew up waistband of the skirt.

With right sides touching, pin Drawstring pieces together at one short end. Stitch. Trim seam allowances and press open.

Stitch. Trim seam allowances and press open.

Fold the Drawstring in half lengthwise, wrong sides touching. Press.

Open back up and take the two long raw edges and fold them back into the crease you just made. Press.

Fold along the middle crease again. (Note: You can also use a bias tape maker to press the drawstring.) Edgestitch along the long folded edge. Set drawstring aside for now.

Apply a small scrap of fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the Waistband, centering behind buttonhole markings.

Turn right side up. Stitch and open buttonholes.

With right sides touching, pin Waistband together at center back seam.

Stitch center back seam. Trim seam allowances and press open.

With wrong sides touching, fold Waistband in half lengthwise, matching seams and notches. Press.

Pin waistband to the right side of the skirt with the side of the waistband with buttonholes facing the right front side of the skirt. Match center notches and side notches with side seams.

Stitch the waistband seam, leaving a 4" opening at center back, as pictured below.

Cut length of elastic according to the Elastic Cut Chart included on page two of the Mave pattern instructions.

Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic. Insert it through the waistband channel, making sure the elastic does not twist as you pull it through.

Overlap ends of elastic by about 1/2", and stitch to secure. Note: It's a good idea to try on your skirt to check the fit of the elastic before stitching.

Pin and sew the opening in waistband seam closed, stretching slightly so the waistband and skirt lay flat as you sew.

Finish seam allowances in your desired manning and press down towards skirt.

Evenly distribute gathers around waistband. Press and pin to help keep it all in place.

With an elongated stretch stitch (approximately 0.5mm wide and 3mm long zigzag stitch), start at center back and stitch through all layers along each stitch line, stretching the waistband flat as you go. Backstitch at both ends.

Now we're ready for hemming and finishing touches. We will finish those up tomorrow. See you then.