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Mave Sewalong Day 4 - Hemming & Finishing Touches

It's the last day of the Mave Sewalong. It will be a short day and by the end we will have a finished skirt. Let's get sewing.

Attach a safety pin securely to one end of the drawstring. Insert through one buttonhole and feed through the channel, pulling the safety pin out through the other buttonhole. Pull drawstring until ends are even.

Try on your skirt and check the length of your drawstrings. Trim if necessary.

There are a few ways to finish the ends of the drawstring.

You can finish it with aglets.

Or you can thread some beads on the drawstring and tie an end at the bottom. You can let the ends fray natrually over time. I thin that macrame beads are a great option for this because they generally have a larger hole.

Or just fold the drawstring ends and stitch them. To do this fold by 1/4" and then another 1/4" and press.

It can be hard to sew these small sections of fabric and I have found that by putting a piece of paper under your drawstrings when sewing, it really helps.

Try on your skirt to check length. Trim if necessary. Finish the hem of your main skirt by pressing the raw edge towards the wrong side at 1/4." Turn it up again by 1/4." Pin and press. Edgestitch along this folded line to secure.

If using a lining, the lining should be about 1/4" shorter than the main skirt so it is not seen. Trim lining if necessary and hem in the same manner as the main skirt. Note: the main and lining hems should be facing one another.

You're finished! I hope the Mave sewalong was helpful. Give the whole skirt a nice press and it's ready to wear.