I am so excited to be releasing the Rio Ringer T-shirt and Dress pattern. The Rio has been in the works since last spring when I wanted a simple t-shirt to pair with my Lander shorts. I noticed that most of the patterns on the market were more oversized, but I wanted a more fitted, vintage feel that could tuck into my shorts if I wanted.

The Rio has two views. View A is a semi fitted t-shirt with a crew neckline and short sleeves. The neckline and sleeves are all bound with ribbing for that nod to vintage. View B has the same look except it is lengthened into an easy to wear t-shirt dress.

I'm excited to say that the Rio comes in three size ranges - 0-18 (C cup), 14-30 (D cup), and a kids range of 2T - 10. I haven't done a kids pattern in a long time, but the simple unisex look of the Rio convinced me to give it another go.

The Rio is best sewn up in light to medium weight knit fabrics with at least 40% stretch. You will also need some rib knit fabric for the sleeve and neck bindings with at least 75% stretch. Other than that, matching thread and a stretch needle are all you will need.

This pattern will be getting a lot of support over the next few weeks. I will have a full sewalong on the blog next week where I will talk about sewing knits, alternate methods, fabric recommendations, and the step by step construction of the Rio. The Rio is also going to be the Sew My Style pattern of the month for May. I will be supporting that with a bunch of fun hacks and tutorials for the Rio during that month.

Currently, due to the corona virus, we are not able to print paper copies of the Rio pattern. We hope to do so in the future. Luckily this pattern is easy to print as it is not a lot of pages. The instructions will tell you which page numbers to print for which view so that you are only printing the pages you need. The pattern also comes with US and AO copyshop files.

All three size ranges of the Rio are 20% off thru Sunday, April 19th with the code RIOLAUNCH. If you decide to buy at least two of the size ranges use the code RIOLAUNCH2 to get 30% off.