Capsule Wardrobe Plaid Landers

My last item for the Capsule Wardrobe (if you don't know what I am talking about check out this post) is a pair of plaid Lander pants. I think I might  have saved the best for last, because I absolutely love how these turned out. I love that they are part business, but also with a strong 70s vibe. I'm wearing it here with heeled boots and a black Nikko top.

I sewed up these Landers in some suiting that I bought online. They are a poly rayon blend and I think they ended up as a perfect match. The rayon gives it some flow, while the poly gives it structure and keeps it from bagging out.

To keep these pants really streamlined looking (and to avoid tons of pattern matching) I used the zipper expansion pack to add a zip fly instead of the button fly. I also omitted the front and back pockets and also the belt loops. This made for a really fast sew and one that I will definitely be trying again soon.

That's it. I will be sharing my complete capsule wardrobe, along with some mix and matching to create multiple outfits next week.