Capsule Wardrobe Denim Landers

I have been wanting a classic pair of Lander pants for a long time, so I am super excited to have this pair in me wardrobe now. This denim pair of Lander pants is part of my Capsule wardrobe which I started this fall. If you don't know what I am talking about, check out this post where I explain it all.


I used a dark denim with a slight amount of stretch in them (for comfort) that I had in my stash. It's a nice thick denim and I am hoping that over time they will break in and the color will age well into that slightly worn in look.


I have been sewing a lot of my Landers lately with the zipper expansion pack, so it was nice to go back to the original and add some classic bronze jeans buttons. I also chose a much longer view than I usually do. Generally, I prefer the cropped look, but decided it would be nice to have a longer pair in my wardrobe. I love how this long view looks with some heeled boots.


OK, that is it. I just have one more item on my capsule list to sew - a plaid pair of Landers - and hope I can get those sewn up in the next week or so.