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Aster Sewalong Day 4 - Steps 18 - 27

Welcome back to the final day of the Aster sewalong where we finish up our top or dress. The first couple of steps are for if you are leaving your Aster unlined. if you are adding a lining, skip ahead to step 20.

Step 18 - To finish the lower edge of the Facing, turn under 1/4" twice at the lower edge; press. You could also just serge this if you want.

Stitch close to the fold to secure. 

Step 19 - Give your straps, neckline and Facing a good press.

Making sure that everything is laying flat, hand tack or stitch in the ditch toward the bottom of the Facing at the side seams, going through all layers. This will keep the Facing anchored to the inside of the garment so it doesn't flip out. 

The next few steps are for adding a lining - If you aren't adding a lining, skip ahead to step 22.

Step 20 - With right sides touching, pin the Back Lining pieces to the Front Lining at the sides, matching the notch on the Back Lining to the dart on the Front Lining.


Press seam allowances open.

Step 21 - With right sides touching, pin the upper edge of the lining to the lower edge of the facing, matching side seams and ends.


Trim if needed and press seam allowances toward facing. 


Step 22 - Press in the edges of the center back and hem by 1/4", wrong sides touching.

Step 23 - At the center back, pull the Facing up and away from the main Back.

Fold the center back edge in by 1" (along the interfacing edge), with the right sides touching. The Facing will extend by 1/2" and be sandwiched in this fold.

Stitch across upper edge at 1/2" seam allowance, catching the facing in the line of stitching.

Step 24 - At the center back bottom edge, pull the two corners together, right sides touching. Pin.

Stitch using a 1/2" seam allowance to create mitered corner.

Step 25 - Trim the seam allowance and turn the bottom corner right side out, turning under the hem at the lower edge. 

At the same time, turn the top corner of the center back right side out to create the button band.

Step 26 - Press in the button band and hem (Both should be 1" wide ). 

If you added a lining, the lining will extend into the button band and hem by 1/2". 

To secure, stitch at 7/8" seam allowance in one line of stitching, pivoting at center back corners.

Step 27 - Using the Buttonhole Guide, mark and sew the buttonholes on the left back.

Open out the right back and mark the co-ordinating buttons on the right back. Sew the buttons on the right back. The center of the buttons should be placed near the top of each buttonhole.

That is it! Your Aster is finished. Give everything a good press and wear it proudly.