Long Tie Rory Jumpsuit

The long tie Rory Jumpsuit hack was a brilliant idea that I got from one of my testers. This is a great hack for anyone, but is especially great if your fabric is on the lighter side, you want waist definition, and you don't think that the fabric can sustain the weight of the D rings. The ties will start at the D ring dot on the front, wrap around the back, and then tie in the front. So the first thing that you need to decide is how wide you want your ties and how long you want them. This is completely according to your personal preference. I decided to go with a finished tie that was 1.5" wide. For the length, I took a measuring tape, placed in on my body approximately where the tie would start, wrapped it around my body, and decided on a length from there. Keep in mind that you may want the tie to be longer is you making the pant version than if you are making the short version. Let me show you how you can do it. Cut two ties that are about 60 inches long and 4 inches wide. I wanted the finished ties to be 1 1/2" wide so I added 1/2" seam allowance and then multiplied that number by 2 to create a tube. Next, fold the ties in half, lengthwise, and sew up the long edge at 1/2" seam allowance. Next trim the seam allowance down to 1/8". Using a safety pin, turn each tie right side out. Press the ties flat and tuck one short end in for a nice finish. Then edgestitch around the three sides that won't be showing. One short end (the open end) will be sewn into the jumpsuit so you don't need to topstitch that one. Try the tied on and estimate the finished length you want to the best you can. For reference mine are each 39 inches each on a size 8 although I think I would make them longer if I was making the pant version. Center your ties over the D ring dots on your side fronts. You will not be using the D ring dots on the side backs. Now you just need to sew up your jumpsuit according to the directions. Here is how it turned out! I am pretty excited about how it turned out. It's nice to have another version of my favorite jumpsuit. As you can see here, it wraps around the back, overlapping there, and then ties in the front. You could easily insert the ties into the back dots instead and have it tie in the back which would be another fun way to make it. For fabric, I used an amazing linen blend from Blackbird fabrics. It's the same fabric that I used for the cover sample of the Rory pattern. I love this fabric. I has a great nubby texture, doesn't wrinkle as much as pure linen, and is such a fun color. That's it. Sure easy and fun hack. Let me know if you have any questions.