Mini Salida Skirt Hack

Today on the blog I am going to show you have to very easily hack the Salida Skirt pattern to be a mini skirt. I am not much of a mini skirt person in the summer, but I do love how it looks over tights with boots in the colder months. I especially like it paired with the Nikko Top or Marlo Sweater like I did in these styled photos.

For the fabric I used a medium black washed denim with just a bit of stretch from my stash. I love a black skirt and like that the washed denim gave it a bit more of a worn in feel.

We are going to be using View A as the base and making just a few changes to the pattern including removing the back slit. First grab your back center pattern piece for View A.

Decide how much length you want to take off. It must be enough length that the slit is no longer necessary. I decided to take about 5 inches of length off which calculated to about 3 inches down from the slit dot on the center back pattern piece once you take the hem allowance into account.

Mark the new cut length.

Draw the new cut line all of the way across.

Draw another line straight down from the back seam to eliminate the slit extension.

Trim your back center pattern piece.

Trim the same amount of length off of the other front and back pattern pieces.

Now we just need to adjust the hem area of the front and back side pieces since the area that we shortened to is at an angle. We need to make sure that the new hem line has enough width to be folded up to where it's being hemmed to. The front and back center pattern pieces are straight in that area so they do not need to be adjusted.

Tape some paper at the hem of the side pattern piece.

Fold up by 1/4" and then again by 3/4".

Trim along the angled side seam.


Repeat for other side pattern piece.

That's it for adjustments. Go ahead and sew up you Salida skirt according to the instructions. Skip over the parts where it talks about the back slit.

When it gets to the hem, fold up by 1/4" and then again at 3/4". Finish by sewing close to fold.

All done! I love my new mini Salida Skirt. I want to make another one in blue denim and maybe some colors. This is definitely something that was missing from my wardrobe.