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-large mens sweater
-1/2 yd fleece
-sewing machine
-thread/hand sewing needle

Step 1
Cut off the sleeves of your sweater.

Step 2
Cut off the top or your sweater so that it is about 18 inches tall (you can go taller too).

Step 3
Line up your side seams one on top of the other.
(yours may not have a curved edge like mine if your sleeves were not raglan style)

Step 4
Cut a piece of fleece that is the same width as your sweater, but about 11 inched tall. (mine is folded so the actual size is about 11in by 30in)

Step 5
With right sides together, pin the fleece to the sweater. Cut open the circle at the center back.

Step 6
Sew both sides creating a tube.

Step 7
You are now going to connect the tube making it a circle. Pin the two bottom seams together (right sides together) and start sewing around the whole circle.

Step 8
Eventually you won't be able to finish sewing around the whole circle without running over the rest of your cowl. Stop here leaving about 3 inches open. Turn right side out, and hand sew the opening closed.

Try it on. You are done!
ps do you see my bright lipstick? I havn't worn it out of the house yet, but I kinda love it.