I found these beads the other day at a local craft store - Tom Thumb - and decided to make some quick earrings out of them. It seriously took me under 5 minutes and under $2 to make them. And I feel like they will go with anything as they are a little modern and a little vintage feeling at the same time.


- 2 beads
- 2 earring hooks
- 2 head pins
- pliers

Step 1

Thread the bead through the head pin.

Step 2

Trim the head pin so that it sticks out of the top of the bead about 1 cm.

Step 3

Use your pliers to twist the top of the head pin into a small circle. Leave a tiny bit open.

Step 4

Slide the earring hook through the opening you just made and close of the circle with your pliers.

Step 5
Repeat for the other earring. Your are done. Easy right?