(please excuse the wrinkles. this is after wearing it to church and holding my baby a lot)

Textiles Used:
A wool blend from Hancocks

Sizing: I find that the sizing is good in the smaller sizes, but too big in the bigger sizes. I ended up having to take it in about an inch on the sides.

The Good: Great pattern. Great for beginners. I have made it several times and will still probably make it more times. I love the fabric I chose and the lining just makes me happy.

The Bad: The instructions are a bit lacking - like most burda patterns.

Changes Made: I added a folded back split instead of the regular slit. I shortened the waistband by about 2/3 and also lowered the waistline on the actually main skirt portion by about an inch.

Things I would change next time? Nothing. This is my best version so far. I love the fit.

Conclusion: I highly recommend this pattern. Whenever I have friends that want to sew something with me this is what we make. It is a great beginner pattern that is in style and cute on all body types.