TOP 5 HITS OF 2013

I decided that I wanted to jump in on the top 5 list started by Crafting a Rainbow. I think that I will keep it simple and just list my top 5 hits that I made this year.
#5 Hit - Gaptastic Cowl
I am a real beginner when it comes to knitting. At the very beginning of the year I made this cowl, but soon found that I felt silly wearing such a large scarf on top of my huge belly. But then I brought it back out this winter and have barely taken it off. I get compliments on it every time and I wear it and it's perfectly practical, warm and fun. #4 Hit - Yellow Floral Wrap Dress
When my brother set his wedding date just two months after the birth of my baby I had a small freakout session. Thanks to spanks and this dress I felt pretty confident at the wedding. I honestly havn't worn this dress again, and don't really know when I will, but this was an important event with lots of photos being taken so I call the dress a big win for helping me get through the day.
#3 Hit - Negroni Buttonup Men's Shirt
I made this shirt as part of SewMamaSew's Super Online Sewing Match and I really feel like I exceded my normal amount of attention to detail and precision while doing it. The insides really are just as nice as the outside and it makes me smile everytime he wears it. #2 Hit - It's a Cinch Purse
Another Sewing Match make this purse has become my everyday bag. I love the combination of stripes and leather and it really just suits my style perfectly. I hadn't sewn a lot of bags before this or tried out a lot of leather sewing so it felt like a big accomplishment when I finished it. #1 Hit - Baby Boy
I know this is cheesy, but hey I totally made him. Seriously though, it's been a busy year mostly because of this little guy and I havn't had as much time to create things as I would like. He's so worth it though.