Happy New Year! So, I have some personal life goals as well, but I really wanted my blog/sewing to have it's own list. I have been thinking a lot about where I want this blog to go in the following year and these are the goals that I think are going to take me there. 1 - Stay on top of my inbox I am seriously the worst about this. I am horrible about deleting all of the unnecessary emails that I get and therefore the important stuff often gets shuffled amongst the rest. This year I really want to be more on top of organization so I think that keeping my blogging inbox in control is a great place to start. 2 - Move my blog to Wordpress This has been on the to do list for a long time, but I know that I've just got to bite the bullet and do it in the near future. It won't be fun, but for my blog to grow I think it's a must. 3 - Sew More for Myself With the birth of my little boy at the beginning of 2013 I lacked the enthusiasm to do a lot of sewing for myself. I made a few things for me, but made a lot for my husband and kids too. I will continue with some of that, but am ready to focus on myself a little more this year. 4 - Release a True Bias Pattern As some of you know I took some PATTERN MAKING classes years ago in college and then started taking a few more classes this year at FIT here in NYC. I have wanted to produce a pattern for awhile, but am finally feeling the confidence in my skills to do so. The goal is April, but that is a very loose goal. It's more important to me that it is done well. Crossing my fingers that I can make this happen. Do you guys have any special goals for your sewing / blogging specifically?