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Pattern: Mcalls 6044

Textiles Used: Plaid shirting from

Sizing: The sizing was suprisingly good. My husband usually needs a slimmer fit for his dress shirts (which I usually have to take in), but this one already was slim through the torso. I would say that it fits like an athletic fit shirt.

The Good: I was more happy with this pattern than I had expected. Now that it fits perfectly I feel like I can make him multiple shirts pretty fast. He says it's his favorite shirt now. It was fun to play with the bias of the shirt for the yoke.

The Bad: I wouldn't say that it makes a super professional style of shirt. Even the basic shirt on the pattern is more like something that you would get at H&M or Gap not at a high end store. This is fine for the casual tops we are making, but I wouldn't use this pattern to make a business shirt for work.

Changes Made: I made a muslin, but the only changes that I had to make were to lengthen the arms by about an inch.

Things I would change next time? I think I am going to try to make him a couple of short sleeved options.

Conclusion: I highly recommend this pattern. It's nice to finally sew something for my husband. He is really good about allowing my sewing time (we even have 3 hours scheduled every week where he takes my daughter out of the house so I can sew) so it's nice to finally have something that I can make for him.