I finished my first item from my spring sewing list. I finished my chambray blazer. It was my first time to try to make a structured jacket and I must say that it was easier than I thought it would be.

Pattern: Self made pattern from a thrifted vintage blazer.

Textiles Used: Chambray from JoAnns

The Good: I am pretty excited about the way that it turned out. I think that I will wear it all of the time this spring. It's nice and lightweight. It was easier than I thought to make which is always a plus.

The Bad: Next time I will make it a big more fitted in the waistline. I also think that I want to try lining the entire jacket next time too to add a bit more structure.

Conclusion: Even though it's not on my spring to make list, I think that I will make another one pretty quickly. I am scared that if I don't that I will forget how this one all went together. Maybe in a thick jersey next time, or a stripe? We will have to see what I can find.

p.s. I would be more than willing to give this pattern away for free to anyone who would like it through my blog.
-First of all, would you be interested in that?
-Secondly, does anyone know that easiest way to transfer a paper pattern to an online one? Would I scan it and then break it up into a pdf somehow? Is there a program that does that for you? Just wondering.