Scoop Neck Zoey Hack

I love the soft front V neck on the Zoey tank and dress, but sometimes you want a scoop neck so I decided to show you how you can easily adjust the Zoey to hack it into a scoop neck tank or dress. It's a really easy process with just a few changes.

First gather your supplies. I am using a rib knit for the bands and a cotton/spandex jersey for the main tank.

Take the front tank and draw a scoop neck from the center V point and connect it up to the strap point. Trim along the lines and measure it.

It should look like this when you are done. It looks very similar to the back but the back will have a slightly lower scoop.

For the front neck band, you want to cut it with 10% stretch. So take the measurement of the front scoop you just cut, multiply it by 2 since it's cut on the fold, and multiply it by .90. So for instance, if you front scoop measurement was 8in, it would look like this:

8in x 2 = 16in      16in x .90 = 14.4in

Cut your front neck band to the measurement you just calculated, making sure to keep the notch in the center when you adjust.

 Cut out all of your pattern pieces.

 Be sure to cut a center front notch on your front tank or dress since you don't have a V point to line the band notch up with.

Sew up your tank or dress according to the Zoey directions. You will apply the front neck band in the same way that you apply the back neck band.

I recommend making a marking or placing a tag in the back of your Zoey since the front and back now look very similar and it's hard to tell the difference.