We are focusing on the Nikko all month long, which includes sharing a few hacks with you along the way. Today we have our first hack where I convert the mock neck pattern piece that comes with the Nikko into a traditional tall turtleneck that can either be folded down or scrunched.

The only pattern piece that we will be hacking is number 10 (Neckband).

Take the pattern piece and draw a straight line horizontally down the middle.

Cut it in half along the line and discard the top half.

Take a blank piece of paper and tape the bottom section of your neckband along the bottom, with the left straight edge of the neckband lined up with the left edge of the paper.

Draw a line, parallel to the left center front fold, straight up from the bottom edge of the neckband on the right side. Trim along the line.

Measure 7 inches up along center front edge and draw a line perpendicular across the entire paper. Cut along this line. Discard the top portion.

This will be the finished height of the turtleneck before folding or scrunching. Feel free to make it taller or shorter.

Trace the entire neckband on another piece of blank paper. Cut it out and tape the two top straight edges together so they are mirror images of one another and the center front edges are lined up.

Mark the foldline and center front fold on the pattern piece.

Cut one neckband pattern piece out on the fold. (All other pattern pieces for the Nikko top or dress will be cut out as normal.)

To sew the neckband, serge or sew the long edges together, right sides touching.

Press the seam allowance open or to one side.

Bring the top edges down to the bottom edges, folding the tube in half, wrong sides touching. Place pins to divide the neckband into equal quarters according to the instructions. 

Sew the bottom of the neckband to the top of the Nikko body according to the original instructions.


And that is it. The finished turtleneck is about 7 inches tall and can either be folded in half or scrunched down. We hope you found this tutorial helpful.