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Blair Sewalong Day 5 : Steps 29 - 34

It's the last day of the Blair sewalong. It is a light day. Let's get started.

Step 29 - Using the Button / Buttonhole Guide, mark your buttonholes on the right front Button Band / Waistband (when wearing).

Sew and open the buttonholes.

Step 30 - Mark the button placement through the open buttonholes onto left Button Band and Waistband (when wearing). The Waistband button should be placed on the inside (closest to the center front) edge of your buttonhole.

The Button Band buttons should be centered in each buttonhole.

Step 31 - Sew on the buttons.

If you are not making a Belt, you are finished.


Step 32 - Fold the Belt in half lengthwise, right sides touching. Pin.

Stitch the long side.

Trim the seam allowances.

Step 33 - Turn the Belt right side out.

Press flat.

Tuck in the seam allowance on one short end by 1⁄2”. Press.

Edgestitch the two long ends and the folded-in short end, pivoting at the corners.

Step 34 - With the wrong side of the Belt facing up, turn under the end by 1⁄4”.

Press again by 2” towards wrong side of the belt.

Loop the other end of the Belt through the middle bar of your buckle, as pictured.

Stitch close to the fold to secure.

Congrats! You are finished.