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It is no mystery why Little Black Dresses are so popular. They are super flattering and appropriate for a myriad of occasions. I pretty much live in blacks and neutrals, so I find it shocking that it has taken me this long to get on the bandwagon and make myself one. The pattern is McCalls 6886 - a simple knit dress that Sonja of Gingermakes recommended. I had also thought about using the Nettie because Sallie's is so awesome, but in the end went for something a little less bodycon. I was really pleased with the pattern. I cut a straight size 12 per my measurements, but could have probably gone with a size 10. I ended up just trying it on inside out and nipping it where needed with pins and then sewing which worked out just fine. I did make quite a few adjustments for my personal taste. First of all I used an exposed zipper for center back. This was my first ever exposed zipper and I love the look, but there was certainly a learning curve. I used this tutorial which meant adding a facing which got a little bulky - I think I would use a lining for the facing next time, not the ponte which I used. To accomodate the zipper I had to cut the back into two vertical pieces instead of just one as the pattern is drafted. I added a seam allowance of coarse and it worked out well. I also made a facing for the neckline instead of the recommended turn and stitch method. I just thought it looked better as I was trying to make this dress a little more dressy and less tshirt dress. For the sleeves and hem I used a double needle to allow stretch, but still keep it simple. The fabric is just a black ponte from my stash. Can't remember where I originally bought it, but it's a nicer quality - more rayon, less polyester. I love sewing with and wearing ponte knit. It's easier to work with than most knits, plus it's thicker so for a slim fitting dress like this one, it feels less revealing than a shinnier or thinner knit would be.

Outfit Details:

Dress : Handmade by me (pattern is McCalls 6886)

Shoes : Nine West Sandal

And yes, in case you are wondering, I was absolutely frozen during this photoshoot.