I am mostly a selfish sewer, but my husband has worn the shirts I previously made him so much, that I thought it was about time that I sewed up a couple more versions of McCalls 6044. I've made this pattern multiple times before so the nice thing is that I have tried and true pattern that has been tweaked to fit him perfectly. To make it go faster, I cut out and sewed both of these at the same time. Luckily, I could use black thread on both too so I didn't even have to switch that up while sewing. This first version was made up with some thin cotton grey and black plaid from Mood fabrics. For some added interest (or because I didn't want to plaid match :) I did the button band, cuffs, and pocket on the bias. Although the pattern doesn't call for it, I added a back yoke and a back pleat to this one (I've always thought it was weird that those are not included). I like the added interest and I would assume that it feels a bit more comfortable. This second shirt was made up from some heavier weight cotton from fabric.com. I had originally bought it to make a button up for myself, but thought it was too thick for me. I think it works well for a men's shirt though. I didn't bother adding the yoke or pleat on this one, just because the fabric was already pretty stiff. I also tried to match all of the checks this time. I'm pretty proud of how invisible the front pocket is. Just wish I had thought through the cuffs a little more. Oh well. You may notice that I put the pockets on the wrong side on both shirts. Oops! The jury is still out about whether or not that bothers him enough for me to add another pocket to balance it out.