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Darla Sewalong Day 3

Welcome back to the third day of the Darla Sewalong. Today is only for the zip back views. If you are sewing up a tie back view you can skip today and tomorrow and circle back on day 5.



Step 19 - Without trimming, finish the center back edges of each Back Skirt piece.

  Step 20 - Sew two lines of gathering stitches along the upper edge of the Skirt / Pant—one at 3⁄8” and one at 5⁄8” from the raw edge. Do not backstitch, but rather leave long thread tails to aid with gathering. Sew the gathering stitches in three sections, starting and stopping about an inch from center back and just outside of the side seams. Leave the Pockets free from the gathering stitches.


Step 21 - Pull up the gathering stitches along the upper edge of the Skirt / Pant.

Adjust gathers so the top of the skirt / pant is the same width as the main Bodice. Press gathers to set.

Press the Pockets and seam allowances towards the Front and over the gathered Skirt / Pant and pin in place.


Step 22 - With right sides touching, pin the assembled Bodice to the top of the Skirt / Pant. Match center back edges, side seams, and the notches to the back seams and Bodice darts.


Step 23 - Stitch the waist seam at the normal 1⁄2” seam allowance, going through all layers including the Pockets.

Grade seam allowances and press them up towards the Bodice.

Remove visible basting stitches.

Step 24 - With right sides touching, pin the Back sections together, matching notches and waist seams. 

Baste the center back from the top edge down to the dot. Backstitch. The jumpsuit seam will already be sewn up to the dot.

For the Dress view, continue stitching the remainder of the center back seam down to the hem in a regular stitch length.

Step 25 - Press the seam allowances open above and below the back dot.