Dani Sewalong - Day 5

It's the last day of the Dani Sewalong, which means we are going to finish the waistband for Views A and B, including buttons and buttonholes. We will also be hemming and adding the cuff to all views. Let's get started.

Using the guide on you left front waistband pattern piece, mark, sew and open your buttonholes.

With your fly lined up, mark your button placement through your buttonholes. The marking should be on the inside (closest to center front) edge of the buttonhole and not in the middle. Sew on buttons.

Finish the raw edge of the bottom of your short / pant in your desired manner.

Turn the garment inside out and press the hem up by 1 and 3/4". Stitch close to the turned up edge.

Turn the garment right side out. Fold up the bottom hem by 1" towards the right side to create cuff. The top of the cuff should cover the stitching by about 1/4". Press.

Stitch in the ditch for about 1/4" at the side and inner leg seams to secure cuff.

That's it! Give your Dani's a good press and wear them proudly.