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Capsule Wardrobe Marlos

This week I sewed up the third and fourth items for my True Bias Fall Capsule Wardrobe. You can see the entire plans in my blog post here if you don't know what I am talking about. This time I decided to sew up my Marlo sweaters.

The plan was to sew two. I decided to sew up the longer view in the black sweater knit. This sweater knit grew quite a bit while I was sewing it up. It also has a heavy drape, so it also grew a bit in length.

The end result is a nice, oversized grandpa style sweater that I love. I already have been wearing it ton. It worked great with leggings and a tank for an easy weekend outfit. Plus it keeps me nice and cozy.


The second Marlo that I sewed up, is the short cropped view. I used a more stable sweater knit for the main Marlo. For the bands I used a matching, thick rib knit.

The end result is a much more structured Marlo than the first. It almost feels like a jacket, more than a sweater. It feels a bit more dressy that the other. I love them both in different ways.

OK, that is it. I can't wait to keep sewing on the rest of my Capsule Wardrobe later this week.