Blair Sewalong Day 2 : Steps 5 - 12

Welcome back to day 2 of the Blair Sewalong. Today is all about pockets. If you are not adding the optional pockets you can skip today completely can come back tomorrow to continue the sewalong.

Step 5 - Fold one Main Pocket in half, right sides touching, matching the upper and lower notches.

Starting at the the upper notch, stitch down to upper dot using a normal stitch length. Backstitch, then stitch to the lower dot using a long basting stitch. Backstitch again, and then sew to the lower notch using a regular stitch length.

(The basting will be removed later and will create the inverted pleat in the pockets.)

Press the Pocket open so the fold is centered on the stitch line, as pictured. Repeat for the remaining Pocket.

Step 6 - With the right sides touching, pin one Main Pocket to one Pocket Lining, matching the notches and keeping the folds in place.

Sew around the edges, pivoting at each corner and leaving a 3” opening on one side, as pictured.

Trim the seam allowances and corners to reduce bulk.

Turn right side out through the 3 inch opening.

Press the Pockets so the lining is not visible and the seam allowances (from the 3” opening) are pressed inward. 

Step 7 - Open the basting on each Pocket front between the dots.

Pin (or use a washable glue stick like me) each Pocket to the skirt Fronts, aligning the upper edge with the pocket placement guides (The pleat opening should be weighted towards the bottom of the Pocket.).

Edgestitch along the side and bottom edges of the Pocket, pivoting at the corners, and backstitching at the upper ends to secure.

Step 8 - Pin the Flap Lining to the Flap, with the right sides touching. Sew, leaving the upper edge open, as pictured.

Trim the seam allowances, clipping the corners.

Turn right side out through the open upper edge. Press the Flap so the lining is not visible from the outside. Repeat for the remaining Pocket Flap/Lining.

Step 9 - Edgestitch the Pocket Flap along the side and bottom edges, pivoting at the corners.

Sew and open the buttonhole at marking. Repeat for the remaining Pocket Flap/Lining.

Step 10 - With the right sides touching and the Pocket Flap upside down, pin the top edge of the Flap 1/2” above the top of the Pocket. You may find it easiest to mark this line first.

Edgestitch at 1/8” to secure.

Step 11 - Press the Pocket Flap down and over the seam.

Stitch 1⁄4” from the top folded edge of the Flap, backstitching at each end to secure.

Step 12 - Mark the button placement on the Pocket through the buttonhole on the Pocket Flap, centering in the buttonhole.

Sew the button to the Pocket, taking care not to sew through the Skirt Front.

That is it for today! Thanks for following along.