Sorry for the silence the last few days. I have had some camera trouble, but am back in business now. Since I wasn't able to photograph/post my last couple of upcycles last week I will do my last ones today and tomorrow.

For todays up cycle I used an old pair of thick winter leggings that shrunk in the washer and a sewing fail lace shirt from last year. Both have been waiting around in my pile because I liked the fabric and then I saw this inspiration from anthropologie and knew that I needed to recreate it. The front and back sections come from the thigh region of the leggings because there is no side seam and the the arms (only 3/4 length because that is all of the fabric I had) came from the lower legs. The ribbing was from the waistband.

Here are the approximate measurements of what I cut, but because of the stretch of the fabric I think that you have some wiggle room. My daughter is a 4T so that is the size of the measurements below. It's maybe a little tight too so keep that in mind when you decide what measurements to cut.

Front (cut one of knit and one of lace) :

Back (cut one of knit) :

Sleeves (cut two of knit) :

Waistband :

3 inches tall (folded in half to 1 1/2") and 23" long

Neckband :

2 inches tall (folded in half to 1 inch) and 14" long

First, sew the lace on top of the front piece by either edge stitching or serging the edges. Then with right sides together, sew or serge the sleeves to the front and back as shown. (I am using a serger so everything is at 1/4" seam allowance)

Match up side seams of shirt and sleeves with right sides together. Stitch from sleeve end to hem.

Create waistband by sewing it into a circle, then folding in half lengthwise, pressing and stitching closed. (I didn't have enough fabric so the inside half of mine is another knit fabric)

With right sides together, sew the waistband to the hem of the shirt, stretching the waistband slightly as you go so that it fits the circumference of the shirt.

Repeat for the neckband and you are done!