It has been so fun to head up the ornament exchange again this year. Every afternoon we run down to the post office box to see if we have received a little package with something for our tree. It's our first year to ever have a Christmas tree and thanks to all of my sewing friends it is full of beautiful handmade ornaments. Look at all of the amazing ornaments that we now have. Click on the coordinating number or blog link to see the tutorials/information for all of the ornaments that you see so that you can make them too.
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Miranda of One Little Minute
Sonja of Gingermakes
Krista of Lazy Saturdays
Jennifer of Workroom Social
Laney of Katy and Laney
Kelli of True Bias
Clay State Ornament Tutorial: I decided that I had plenty of sewing projects on my table for the season so chose to work with clay this year instead for my ornament. They are really easy to make and I am so excited to show you how.
Materials: -Clay (bakeable) - red and another color of choice -Paper outline of your state (about 3-4 inches tall) -xacto knife -glue -string -chopstick -satin clay glaze -paint sponge Step 1
Roll out your clay until its about 1/4" or less thick. Place outline on top of it and use the xacto knife to cut out the shape of your state. Step 2
Remove your paper outline and use the small end of the chopstick to make a heart indentation at the location of your desired city. Step 3
Make a very small heart with a small piece of red clay and insert it into the heart indentation on your state. Smooth out the heart with your finger/chopstick. Step 4
Take a small piece of clay and roll it out into a snake. Fold it in half leaving a circle loop for your string and flatten the rest with your finger. Step 5
Bake according to package instructions and let cool completely. Step 6
Glue the thread loop to the back of your ornament and tie a piece of string through it. Step 7
Coat the front of the ornament with clay satin glaze and let dry. All done! Between the ornament exchange and my family I pretty much made every state you could imagine, not to mention a bunch of Manhattan shaped ones for my neighbors.