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The Checkered Blair Shirt

I've been wanting more casual items in my wardrobe that are not tshirts and cutoffs, so when I saw the Blair shirt released by Style Arc I wanted to make it right away. It reminded me of a shirt that I had been eyeing at Madewell. A wide, somewhat cropped shirt with small cuffs as sleeves. The Blair shirt is really similar so I decided to give it a go. The fabric is just some 1/4" black and white gingham that was inexpensive. I figured this would be a sort of wearable muslin before I cut into some precious silk that I have been eyeing, so this was the perfect inexpensive option. I made a few little changes to the pattern so that it looked more like the top that was my inspiration. First of all, instead of adding the bottom panels I just extended the top portion so that it would all be one piece on both the front and back. I also made a simple rectangle for the cuffs instead of the bias cut, teardrop shaped ones of the pattern. I absolutely love how this top turned out and have already worn it to a picnic over the weekend. This is my first ever Style Arc pattern to sew, but I have a been eyeing a couple more. Just be warned that the instructions are minimal, so you may want to look at the instructions for another buttonup pattern to compare it to.