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If you missed yesterday's post on how to sew the basic summer scarf click here.

Today I am going to show you how I simply used fabric paint to give a little personality to the scarf.

After a lot of debate I finally decided to jump on the polka dot trend because it was the easiest and most reliable of my ideas to make something look really professional.


-light weight summer scarf
-fabric paint
-1 inch circle sponge (I got mine at the craft store for under $1)
-large ruler or straight edge
-hairdryer (optional)

Step 1
Iron you scarf so that it is flat.

Step 2
Lay your scarf out flat on a large surface (you may want to put cardboard or plastic underneith your scarf to protect the surface). You can do it in parts if you want. I did mine in two halves.

Step 3
Prepare you paint and test on a scrap. I used pink fabric paint and found it best to water it down by about 30%. This made the end paint less stiff once dried.

Step 4
Line up your straight edge or ruler to make sure that you paint in a straight line. Press down with your brush and make a circle every 2 inches. Make sure that you don't have too much paint on your brush or else may be really thick and stiff once it dries.

Step 5
I found the best technique was to slightly rotate the handle of the brush in order to make sure that all of the edges of the circle apply paint. I wasn't too worried about if the the circles were perfect. I wanted more of a handmade, block-printed effect. Continue to make rows of dots in groupings in whatever numbers that you like.

Step 6
Let your scarf dry. You can use a hair dryer for speeding up the process.

Step 7
Iron all of your painted polka dots to set the paint and make it washable.

You're done!