I can't take much credit for the idea of this make. A super stylish friend of mine wanted to learn how to make one for her daughter so I decided that it would be fun if we made them together as I taught her. My friend supplied the fabric, but it is a nice cobalt blue linen from Grainline in the garment district here in NYC. I was worried that it was too thick, but in the end I think it worked out perfectly. The natural texture of the fabric really adds to the hippie feel of the silhouette.
The pattern is Burda 05/2013 #143 with a few modifications. The pattern is made for a knit and I used a linen instead which worked great. I did take some of the width out of the pattern - about an 1 on the front and back. I think it made it a bit more flattering. I also omitted the braiding around the neckline. Instead I just hemmed both armholes and did a bias casing around the front and back necklines and let those casings turn into the bows at the shoulders. The actual pattern is great, but the instructions are seriously lacking. I am pretty used to this with burda patterns, but just know that you should feel confident in your skills before using this pattern as you will have to improvise. I love a harem silhouette on a child. It just feels so urban and cool. I do think that jumpsuits can be tricky for children though. Pretty much she can only wear it on days when we are together as I don't think that she would ever be able to get in on and off on her own.