For round three of the Super Online Sewing Match we were given U-Handbag's It's a Cinch bag pattern. When picking fabric I was quite conflicted. I think for the prior challenges one way in which I have fallen behind a bit is by being much more simple than the other contestants. I really like things to be clean and modern, but sometimes that can feel less detailed and less ambitious. But in the end I decided to stay true to myself. For me, simple and often solid colored items feel more expensive and more importantly more like something I want to use/wear. The outside is a textured black and white home dec weight fabric that I found in the garment district. The accents are all leather which I salvadged from an old leather jacket that my husband found in the trash a few months ago. The lining is a simple kelly green thick linen for a pop of color.

This really is a great pattern and is very customizable. I made a few changes to make it more suitable for my tastes. First of all I moved the straps out by about an inch. For some reason I just prefered that spacing. I also added a large piece of leather as a sort of fake front to the pocket (the outside pocket is actually in the lining). On the other side of the bag I also added a square pocket with vertical stripes to add some visual interest.

One feature that I love about this pattern is the ability to cinch up the sides with the hook and d ring. The shape of the bag goes from a boxy tote/laptop bag to more of a handbag by simply hooking the side together.

I used brass for all of the metal pieces of the bag including the zipper. The pattern has a great way of attaching the zipper which makes it much easier to assemble than I would have guessed. I also added little zipper pulls with some scrap leather.

Like I mentioned, the lining and is a great linen that is a bright kelly green. There is a nice elastic pocket on the side too to keep my cell phone etc... in.

In the end I am SUPER excited about how this bag turned out. Can't wait to use it right away.