I am so excited to finish up today. Not a lot to cover, just the slit and hems. Here we go. View A only Step 26 - To finish the hem, turn the bottom of the skirt towards the inside by 1/4” and press. Fold again at 1”. Pin and press. Stitch at a scant 1” from the folded edge to finish your hem. View B Only Step 27 - Starting about 3 inches above the dot on center front, fold the raw edge of the seam allowance under itself by 1/4” until it reaches the center front seam or pressed edge. Press flat and pin. Step 28 - Starting at the bottom raw edge of the skirt, edgestitch along the folded edge until you are 1/4” above the dot. Pivot and stitch across for about 1/2“. Pivot again so you are pointing towards the bottom and continue to stitch down the fold on the other side . Step 29 - To finish the hem, fold the bottom raw edge towards the wrong side of the fabric by 1/4” and press. Fold again at another 1/4” and stitch at a scant 1/4” along the entire bottom of the dress, backstitching at both ends. Give your dress a final press. Hooray, you are finished! Here is my finished View A Southport Dress: Here is my finished View B Southport Dress: I can't wait to see your Southport Dresses too. Please be sure to tag your dresses #southportdress on Instagram or send me an email with a link to a blog post or with a picture of your dress so that I can see it.