We are here, finally, and I can't believe it. The last little bit has been a blur of packing, saying goodbye, driving a huge truck across many states, arriving, unpacking, and exploring the city. We already love it here and can't wait to make it home. Here are some photos of the last couple of weeks taken on my phone to document the journey.

1 - Packing up. 2 - The last time we rode in our car before selling it.

3 - The moving truck. 4 - My daughter loved sitting in the truck while it was still an option. Once we got on the road, not so much.

5 and 6 - Exploring Central Park.

7 - Crumbs Bakery! 8 - Turtles in Central Park.

9 - The Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry. 10 - Hanging out in our train station.

* Some of you may have noticed that I have decided to start adding more personal photos to the blog including some of my daughter. Thank you to all who commented a few weeks ago about the matter. I have thought a lot about it and decided that I want to let you all get to know us a little better. I promise that this will not become a family blog. It will still mostly be about sewing and creativity, but I hope that you will enjoy getting a peak into our daily life.