I have a small obsession right now with black jumpsuits. Paired with some ballet flats and a skinny belt it seems like the perfect sophisticated mom outfit. Don't get me wrong, I love patterned jumpsuits as well, I just think that the black is a little easier to pull off.

I have been doing a little research into creating my own and it seems like there are a couple of options. For my purposes I am leaning towards little kimono style sleeves, breastfeeding friendly, pockets, and gathered at the ankle.

Option #1 :

Image above : McCall's 6083 Jumpsuit pattern

This pattern is pretty darn close to what I am looking for. I love the sleeves and the pockets. I also think that the neckline will work great with breastfeeding (although I think I would add a snap to keep it closed). The only real change that I will need to make is the add some elastic into the bottom of the leg to have it gather at my ankles.

Option #2 :
Image above : Salme Playsuit pattern

I really like this pattern as well. The sleeves and neckline are both great. I also love that it has pockets and beltloops. The only change that I would need to make here is to lengthen the shorts into pants and add some elastic at the ankles.

So what do you guys think? Do you like the comeback of the jumpsuit?

Would you wear it or make it?

If so which pattern should I use?