With the Nikko Sewalong next week, I wanted to go ahead and talk with fabric and notions with you guys. The Nikko top and dress recommends knit fabrics with about 75% stretch. Obviously there is a bit of wiggle room there, but I have to warn you that if you go down too much in stretch percentage you will not be able to get it over your head. Also it may feel too tight on your neck. I know this from experience. So really try and get a fabric with lots of stretch and good recovery. Some examples of good fabrics are rib knits, sweater knits, bamboo jersey, and stretch velvet. But these are just recommendations. If you find another great fabric with appropriate stretch then go for it. I know that I am on the look out for a stretch mesh or stretch lace that I could then layer over a tank. In my opinion you can get away with a thinner fabric for Views A and B (the tops), while I prefer a thicker fabric for Views C and D (the dresses). So that is how I am going to break up the recommendations. Views A and B : For the top view of this pattern, I love a light weight bamboo jersey or baby rib knit that will be great to layer under jackets and cardigans without too bulk. I have also had great results with the brushed poly knits as they have great recovery and that really nice peachskin finish that I love. If you do choose a thicker knit and are sewing the sleeveless version, consider choosing a thinner knit for the armhole facings so that you do not get too much bulk in that area.

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Views C and D : Since the dress version of this pattern is head to toe, I do prefer a thicker knit for a bit more coverage. The dress views are less tight however, than the top views on the waist and hips so don't worry about it being too body conscious. My favorite knits to use for Views C and D are medium weight rib knits and stretchy sweater knits. The ribbing allows for so much stretch and recovery while still having the thickness and coverage that I want.

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In addition to your fabric, you are going to want to gather a few notions. You are going to want some all purpose thread, a ball point sewing needle for your machine, and some clear elastic to stabilize your shoulder seams. You might also want to get some fusible knit tape for hemming (this is what I use) and a double needle if that is how you want to finish your hem. I will not be going over assembling your pattern or cutting out your fabric so go ahead and get that done this weekend so that we can begin sewing on Monday. If you need some help with the printing and cutting process, check out this post from my last sewalong. I think that is it! If you still need to purchase the Nikko pattern you can do so here.