As I mentioned yesterday, I bought a bit of fabric at the garment district on Saturday. Now that I am pregnant my plans have changed (no peplum blouses around here) and I am really trying to make clothing that will grow with me and that feels comfortable and flattering.

This black and white cotton print fabric (it feels like a linen blend perhaps?) is going to be a blazer using the same blazer pattern that I made using a thrifted blazer awhile back that I used to make my chambray blazer. Gingermakes actually found this fabric and bought the same fabric in an orange/red. Copying is the best form of flattery right? It subtly reminds me of kente cloth without being too blatant.

Since it was a black and white print I thought that it would be fun to use a bright color for the lining. I am going with this yellow/green lining that I found at Mood fabrics. I actually already cut this fabric out and will hopefully have a jacket to show you by the end of the month. I am pretty excited about this one.

I have definitely had blazers on the mind lately. I love a pregnant woman in a structured blazer. Plus it is something I can wear after the baby is born too. I fell in love with the new fashion star angled jacket pattern and when I saw this aztec inspired linen I knew it would be that jacket right away. I am still waiting for the pattern to get here in the mail. (sorry it's so wrinkly, I just washed it so it needs a good ironing)

Pattern - McCalls 6611 Fashion Star

I know this one is pretty boring, but it's this kind of thing that I know that I will wear all of the time. Last time I was pregnant I wanted to wear black all of the time. So I am assuming this time will be no different. I bought this soft bamboo knit from Mood fabrics to make a knee length tshirt dress. I just know it's the kind of thing that I will wear everyday. Sometimes practical sewing is the best sewing.

That is all I got. I had a really hard time making decisions. It was so overwhelming. I should be good for a little while, but am excited to go again soon!