Today I want to share a simple hack for the Lander Pants and Shorts where you can flip the pockets to the inside instead of the patch pocket which comes standard with the pattern. And one great thing is that you can do it using the same pattern pieces. You use either the standard button front pattern like I did or the zipper expansion pack. Cut all pattern pieces out as normal except for the Front Pant / Short and Front Pocket and Lining. Place your Front Pocket pattern piece on top of your Front Pant / Short pattern piece, lining up the notches. Trace the curve of the Front Pocket onto the Front Pant / Short. Cut out two lining pieces using the standard Front Pocket pattern piece. Trim the Front Pant / Short pattern piece along the curved marking that you made. Tape the top piece to the Front Pocket pattern piece. Cut out two of this altered Front Pocket pattern from your main fabric. Cut out two Front Pant / Shorts with your new Front pattern piece. Fuse the pocket fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the lining. With right sides touching, pin and sew the curved edge of the Front Pant / Short to the Pocket Lining. Trim seam allowance and clip / notch. Flip the lining to the inside along the curved edge and press. Make sure the the lining is cheated slightly towards the inside so that it is not visible when worn. Topstitch at 1/4" from the curved edge. Pin the right side of the Front Pocket piece (cut out of the main fabric) to the right side of the Pocket Lining along the two straight edges. Make sure the you are not pining it to the Front Pant / Short. Stitch the two straight edges and finish seam allowances in your desired manner. The pocket should be assembled, but still free from the Front Pant / Short except for the curved edge. Pin and baste all layers along the top and side edges. That's it, assemble the rest of your Landers according the the instructions. Both the light wash denim and the heart cotton print for the lining are from the Fabric Store. The denim is the perfect vintage wash that I have been looking for and since it is about 11oz and non stretch, it was a great match for the Landers. Here I am wearing my new pants. Admittedly I made them a tad too tight which is why I am standing so awkward. Hopefully I will fit into them at some point because I LOVE them. I am wearing them here with a sleeveless Nikko Top sewn up in rib knit from IndieSew.