woven hudsons-7182 In case you havn't had enough Hudson Pant hooplah lately, I thought I would share a little variation with you all. I am a big fan of the track pant trend right now. It's a very similar style to the Hudson Pant, mainly just that it's made using a woven fabric instead of a knit. I was curious if this would work with the Hudson Pant pattern so I gave it a try and I must say that I am pretty excited about how they turned out. Here is how you can do it as well.


Instead of knit you will need a woven fabric. Mine is a rayon challis from Fashion Fabrics Club. It's soft and fluid, but still washes well. I am really happy with the fabric. They seem to be out of this print right now, but I'm kinda wanting to try this one next. Plus their challis seems to be on sale right now which is a plus. I also think that a peachskin, viscose, or lightweight cotton would work great too. I am thinking that I might want to try out a light chambray sometime as well.

Cutting out your pattern

To accomodate the fact that you are using a woven instead of a knit fabric you are going to need to go up in size. I went up two sizes and was happy with the fit, although I think 3 sizes up would be good too if you wanted them a bit roomier. For the pockets I omitted the pocket detail. In doing so I lost some of the depth of the pocket. To accomodate this and the fact that the woven makes for a tighter pocket I added 1 1/2" to the length of both the main pocket and pocket lining pieces. sewalong-7072 I also ommitted the ankle band. As a result of this and the need to hem them, you will need to lengthen the main pant front and back by about 4 1/2". (I only lengthened mine by 2 1/2 inches because I usually shorten my pants by 2 inches anyways.) You don't want the ankle opening to be too small so you will want to gradually grade in from a few inches above your original ankle length. You can always take them in more once you try them on. sewalong-7073

Sewing Up Your Pants

As mentioned above I omitted the pocket detail. Instead I topstitched the pocket curve at 1/4" to keep everything in place. sewalong-7078 I also decided to not do the drawstring in order to dress them up a tiny bit. As a result I didn't do the buttonholes on the waistband. Otherwise it was the same as the instructions. sewalong-7088 Because there is no ankle band you will need to hem your pants. Before doing so try on your pants to check the fit and length. I ended up narrowing the ankles by about 1/2" on each side. To hem them turn the bottom up by 1/4", press, turn up another 1", press and stitch at 7/8" on the right side of your pant to secure the hem. sewalong-7089 sewalong-7090 sewalong-7091 Press your woven Hudson pant and you are done! woven hudsons-7171 woven hudsons-7172 woven hudsons-7173