Every year my mom or husband asks me for list of things that I want for the holidays. I never know what to tell them. Sewing is increasingly becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life and so I decided that this year might be a good time to invest in some sewing related items. As I have been trying to gather my own personal wish list for the holidays, I thought it might be fun to share a few of the things that I have been eyeing. This list is for you, instead of a list of things for you to sew for other people. I am trying really hard not to DIY a ton of gifts this holiday. So much work, and generally underappreciated. But here are some things that you might like for yourself (or a list to pass on to whomever is buying for you:).

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Workroom Social Camp - 4 epic days of sewing camp with some of the most talented women in the industry. I can't even image how incredible this is going to be. Also, I know Jennifer (the camp director) personally and she is one of the most professional and organized go getters that I have ever met. I have no doubt that this is going to be the best sewing camp ever. I REALLY want to go. 3M Medical Tape - Aspen of Little Green Orchids turned me onto this tape. You can buy it in bulk on Amazon and it doesn't melt under the iron. Perfect for taping together pdf patterns and then ironing them flat again when you want to use them again. Clover Chalk Pencil - Another winner from Blackbird Fabrics. I've always wanted one because so many people say they love them. Plus they come in tons of fun colors. Sewing Art - I'm always looking for ways to dress up my sewing space and art is a great way to do that. Maddie has some beautiful prints up on Society 6 or you can always look around etsy. Dress Form - I've wanted a real big girl dress form for awhile now. I currently own an adjustable singer that i bought for $7 at a thrift store. It's time to upgrade soon. Not sure which one I want to get yet although the ones from The Shop Company are very reasonable and have collapsible shoulders. Glass Head Pins - I pretty much want everything from Blackbird Fabrics shop, but these pins caught my eye. I need nice pins and love that these don't melt under the iron because of the glass head. What did I miss? What sewing related item must I have on my list? Please share below!