There are lots of lists out there for things you can sew for others as holiday gifts, but just like last year, I decided to put together a list for those of us who love to sew. It can be hard for our loved ones who do not share our passion to know what we want, so pass this along to anyone who has you on their list or put them in your own stocking if you prefer :) Under $25 Fit for Real People Book - This is one of those sewing books that everyone says is amazing, but somehow I have not bought yet. Looks a little dated, but what sewist doesn't want more tricks up their sleeve when it comes to the perfect fit? Tailor's Clapper - Between the Ginger Jeans and Birkin Flares, jeans are on my list for 2016. To get a professional crease on jean fabric I hear that pair of clappers are one of those tools that is just good to have. Magnetic Pin Tray - I first saw this cool little pin tray at Caroline's house and I have wanted one ever since. My pin control situation is a constant problem, so maybe this would help keep them on the tray and off the floor. Art Print - I am always looking for artwork to keep me inspired at my work station. I think this one is great and would work perfectly in my space although this thread one is pretty cute too. Stork Embroidery Scissors - Jen of Grainline always has a pair of these around her neck for clipping threads and I think she started a serious trend in the home sewing world. They are just so stinkin cute that they are practically an accessory. Sewing Jeans E-Book - Last year it was sewing lingerie, this year sewing jeans seems to be the big new thing. Heather is a researcher and perfectionist by nature so I am sure that her ebook is amazing. Pretty sure I will be picking this one up once I get started on my jeans this year. Under $100 Merchant and Mills Notions Set - The presentation and quality are so great, I think that this is the perfect gift for any sewer who just wants so much nice items to add to their craft. Scissors Necklace - I love the look of this necklace. Simple and small and delicate. Boundless Style Book - I have only heard amazing things about Victory pattern's new book. Of all of the books that have come out this year, this one certainly stands out to me as one that I must get my hands on. The dresses are especially chic and modern. Fabric Gift Cards - Nothing wrong with getting a gift card, especially if you are running out of time. The nice thing about a fabric gift card is that it really is a gift of endless possibilities. I noticed that Hellgate Fabrics, Mood, and Blackbird fabrics all offer them. Craftsy Class - I am the kind of person who loves taking classes and online classes are a really easy way to learn new skills. I have been extremely impressed with the Craftsy classes that I have taken so far and just purchased this one for the new year. Although there is another similar company I recently became aware of called Malikoo that you should check out for classes as well. Maker Tee - Not only is the Maker tee by the talented Megan Nielsen cute, but it also helps support women who are fleeing human trafficking. She also has some cute totes available for purchase as well. Over $100 Camp Workroom Social - I am sure I am not the only one who went into a serious funk this October when pretty much all of my favorite people were at Camp. It looked amazing and I can only imagine how awesome next year will be. From what I hear you need to be on the email list to secure a place as it's expected to sell out early. Some of the classes this year include buttonup shirtmaking, couture hand sewing, bra-making, fit, jacketmaking, and pattern design. Sounds like my version of heaven. Dress Form - This is actually what I am getting this year for the holidays. I have been researching dress forms for a while now, looking for the perfect one. I still have not decided for sure which one is right for me, but I have heard so many great things about the Alva form because it has a more modern, natural shape. I have also heard good things about the Shop Company for a much more economical option. Cover Stitch Machine - As life changing as it was for me once I finally bought a serger, I think I would feel just that great to get a coverstitch. It's one of those things that not everyone invests in, but really does make your knitwear look more professional. I havn't done a ton of research into coverstitches so I don't know if this is the one to get, but it seemed like a pretty great deal.